Pinky & the Brain and The Fictional World of Archives

TV Animated Series (Warner Brothers, USA): 1995-1998

Mark Shelstad provided this summary and the reference in one of the episodes to the USA National Archives. The show revolves around two lab mice named Pinky and the Brain whose genes have been spliced, resulting in the Brains' cerebral prowess. During the day they take part in the routines at ACME Labs, but at night they plot and attempt to take over the world through their diabolical plans.

Season 3, Episode #37, aired 27 September 1997 and reaired on 27 December 1997, "The Pinky Protocol."

In another effort at gaining world domination, Pinky and the Brain try to steal the Pinky Protocol from the U.S. National Archives to expose a government cover-up. The Protocol is a secret document signed by former U.S. President Gerald Ford which contains the clause that if the President is seen in public in his underwear, Pinky assumes the Presidency. They are inspired to try and steal the document with recent news reports sighting President Clinton in his underwear at a McDonald's drive through. Alas, they are foiled by the security system at the National Archives before they can get the information to the press, but are rescued by a right-wing para-military group, which supports their efforts at exposing this government conspiracy.

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Submitted by Mark Shelstad, 1998.01.16. Updated 1998.01.17.