Time Trax and The Fictional World of Archives

TV Series Premiere syndicated by Lorimar/PTEN: 1993

Final Episode: 1994

This short-lived science fiction series may have served as inspiration for the more successful Jean Claude Van Damme movie "Time Cop" (1994). While the premises are similar and both involve the paradox of time travel and the use of historical or future records as a memory aid, "Time Trax" also featured a scene set in an archives where the archvillain is given an original newspaper to read.

The storyline was set in Washington, DC, 200 years in the future and the police have the job of tracking down time criminals. From my recollection of the few episodes I watched, the time travel device was built within the walls of what was the Smithsonian Institution.

The 1997 TV season introduced a new series, Timecop, based on the Van Damme movie.

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