What Casanova Told Me and The Fictional World of Archives

Original Novel Title: What Casanova Told Me

Author: Susan Swan

Publisher: Toronto: Knopf Canada, 2004 (Canadian edition, hardcover); Bloomsbury USA, June 2005 (U.S. edition)

According to the Publishers Weekly review on Amazon.com, "... Luce Adams, a young archivist, and Lee, the woman who was her late mother's lover, are uneasy travel companions on their way to Crete to host a memorial service for Kitty Adams, a flamboyant scholar famous for her controversial work on ancient goddess cults. On the way, Luce must deliver important family documents to a library in Venice: the diary of ancestor Asked For Adams, the spirited and independent daughter of a cousin of President John Adams; another document that appears to be written in Arabic; and letters in Casanova's hand."

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CONTENTS: The Fictional World of Archives

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