At Home After Cataract Surgery
                    Cataract Surgery Program
                   Pre-Admission Clinic, GVHS

Post-Operative Cataract Care

The following information will assist you when you are at home 
after your Cataract Surgery. It has been developed by the Section
of Ophthalmology at GVHS.


1.   The wound will not be completely healed before the sixth week. 
2.   Protect your eye at bedtime and during naps by taping on your
     eye shield with non-allergic tape (no pad under).
3.   Do not rub or exert pressure on the operated eye.
4.   You are encouraged to use your own glasses and/or sunglasses,
     or other eye protection.
5.   You may wash your hair providing you exercise care not to bend
     excessively or get chemicals in the eye.

Activity Limitations

1.   Light housework is allowed for the first week.
2.   Bending down below the waist is not encouraged early in your
     post-operatve recovery.
3.   Reading and watching TV is acceptable.
4.   Sleeping in any position is acceptable.
5.   Lifting anything which weighs heavier than 10K (25 lbs) is not 
     recommended for the first week.
6.   Sexual relations may be resumed in 3 weeks provided care is
     taken not to strain excessively for up to 6 weeks.
7.   Driving a vehicle requires your ophthalmologist's approval.


You may feel that there is something in your eye. This is normal
and due to the stitches. This feeling may last up to six weeks. 
Your vision may be blurry until eyeglass prescription is given or


Severe or increasing pain in the eye.
Decreasing vision, floaters or flashes.      

* Call your doctor if you have any concerns regarding your eye.

Post-Operative Care

Your doctor will order post surgery medications and will provide
your Home Care Nurse with instructions regarding your
post-operative care.

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