Pre-Operative Instructions
                            Day Care
                    Cataract Surgery Program
                   Pre-Admission Clinic, GVHS

The Program 

The Daycare Cataract Surgery Program allows patients to be
discharged to their homes on the day of their surgery.  This is
facilitated by the co-ordination of Pre-Admission. Surgical Day
Care and Home Nursing Care Services, following the direction of the
Section of Ophthalmology. The following information will assist you
prepare for your eye surgery. 

Before Surgery Date

1.   Please purchase and have available in your home:
          clean, unsterile guaze
          1/2" non-allergic tape
          Gravol 50 mg., in case of post operative nausea
     *    __________, for post operative discomfort if necessary,
          eg. Tylenol
2.   You must have nothing to eat or drink from midnight until
     surgery unless your doctor or the Pre-Admission Clinic Nurse
     advises you otherwise.
3.   Please have a shower or bath, wash your hair and remove all
     make-up, nailpolish and jewellry prior to admission to
     hospital. Men should shave on the morning of surgery.
4.   Arrange to wear clothing which is comfortable and easy to get
     in and out of, i.e. buttons down the front.
5.   Please bring your routine medications to the hospital with


Admission to Hospital 

After you check in with the receptionist at the Admitting
Department, you will be escorted to the Surgical Day Unit. Your
nurse will assist you to change into a hospital gown. Your personal
belongings will remain secure in the Day Care Unit when you go to
the operating room. Please leave extra money and valuables at home.

The Day Care Nurse will instill eye drops in your eye and will
administer any other medications you doctor may have ordered prior
to your sugery. You will moved to the Operating Room on a

After Surgery 

After surgery you will return to the Day care Unit where your nurse
will make you comfortable and provide you with nourishment. You
will have a soft dressing on your eye, reinforced with a plastic
shield. This dressing is to remain in place until it is removed by
your surgeon in his/her office the following day.

You will be observed in the Day Care Unit for approximately one to
three hours, depending on the method of anaesthesia which has been
used. Please arrange for a responsible adult to drive/accompany you
home following your Day Care surgery. It is recommended that a
friend or relative check on you by phone or in person that evening,
to ensure that you are well settled at home.

(c) 1992 Greater Victoria Hospital Society