Having Daycare or Short Stay Surgical Procedures
                 Instructions for Adult Patients

Two Weeks Before Your Surgery

1.   Check with your doctor for instructions about food, drink and
     medications which you usually take (including aspirin).

2.   Check with your doctor about whether you need someone to drive
     you home and help at home.

3.   Persons under 19 years of age must have their consent signed
     by a parent or guardian. If this has not been completed in the
     doctor's office the parent must accompany the child to
     hospital. Parents are encouraged to accompany minors and stay.

The Day of Your Surgery

1.   Have a bath/shower and remove all makeup including eye makeup,
     false eyelashes, nail polish and remove all jewellery.

2.   If you use crutches, canes, hearing aids, glasses, contact
     lenses, or will need them, please bring them with you.

3.   Wear low-heeled, sturdy shoes and loose clothing that will not
     cause you discomfort when worn home.

4.   If you and the person accompanying you home will be taking a
     taxi, bring enough money to cover this expense. 

5.   Leave valuables, all jewellery or large sums of money at home.

The Time of Your Discharge

You are having Day Care Surgery

1.   Discharge time is as soon as your physician and nurse have
     ensured that your condition is satisfactory. Be prepared to
     stay at least 1 1/2 hours after your arrival time in the
     Admitting Department.

2.   Make arrangements for a person to be available to pick you up
     on short notice following this 1 1/2 hour period.

You are having Short Stay Surgery  

1.   Bring toilet articles, dressing gown and slippers and pharmacy
     labelled containers of medications you usually take.

2.   Discharge time is 7:30 a.m. after a continental breakfast.

3.   Make arrangements for a responsible person to pick you up on
     the ward at this time as your bed has been booked for a new

At Home After Surgery

1.   Please follow the instructions you are given when you return

2.   If you have any concerns or questions following surgery,
     please contact your doctor.

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