The Same Day Surgical Admission Program allows you to be admitted
to hospital on the day of surgery. The following information will
help you prepare for your admission and surgery.

The Day Before Surgery

     You must have nothing to eat or drink from midnight until
     surgery unless your doctor or the Pre-Admission Clinic nurse
     advises you otherwise.
     Please have a bath or shower and remove all make-up, false
     eyelashes, nail polish and jewellery.
     Items for your hospital stay should include: a housecoat and
     slippers, a contact lens container (if you wear contact
     lenses) and personal hygiene items. If you wear a hearing aide
     please bring it with you.
     Please leave extra money, valuables and jewellery at home.
     Complete any instructions given to you by your Doctors office
     and the Pre-Admission Clinic Nurse.

Admission to Hospital

     After you check in with the receptionist at the Admitting
     Department, you will be escorted to a surgical ward.
     Your nurse will show you to your room and ask you to change
     into a hospital gown.
     At the request of your surgeon, the hair and skin around your
     operative site may be clipped and cleansed.
     If your anaesthetist requested, an intravenous may be started.
     About one hour before surgery, the nurse will ask you to empty
     your bladder.
     You may be given medication at the request of the
     The nurse will ask you to remove contact lenses and / or
     You will be moved to the operating room on a stretcher.

(c) 1992 Greater Victoria Hospital Society