Una Smith      Department of Biology       smith-una@yale.edu
                     Yale University
                     New Haven, CT  06511

-*- Appendix. Assorted Listserver Mailing Lists

    Remember, do not send your subscription request to the list itself.

    A few of the mailing lists below use a Unix-based "listserv" program that
    is similar to the "LISTSERV" program for mainframes.  "listserv" does not
    have as many features as "LISTSERV", but in the interest of brevity these
    mailing lists have not been singled out.  See section 2.4, Listserver
    Mailing Lists for subscription instructions.

    An "M" before the descriptive title indicates a moderated list.  All
    submissions should be sent to the moderator, not the list.  The
    listserver for such groups can provide the name and e-mail address of
    the moderator.  "G" indicates a gateway to a Usenet newsgroup;  "A"
    indicates that the listserver maintains some files for this group.

    Agriculture and Animal Husbandry

    ag-econ@ERS.bitnet            Agricultural Economics and ERS Test List
    ag-exp-l@vm1.nodak.edu        Agricultural Expert Systems
    ageng-l@ibm.gwdg.de           Agricultural Engineering and Intel. Control
    agric-l@UGA.cc.uga.edu        Agriculture Discussion
    aqua-l@vm.UOGUELPH.ca         Aquaculture Discussion List
    camel-l@SAKFU00.bitnet        Discussion Forum on Camel Research
    dairy-l@UMDD.umd.edu          Dairy Discussion List
    hort-l@VTVM1.cc.vt.edu        Va Tech Horticulture Dept. Announcements
    hortpgm@VTVM1.cc.vt.edu       Va Tech Horticulture Dept. Program
    mgarden@WSUVM1.csc.wsu.edu    Master Gardeners
    newcrops@vm.cc.purdue.edu     Discussion list for New Crops
    spud@WSUVM1.csc.wsu.edu       Potato Research
    rusag-l@UMDD.umd.edu          Russian Agriculture
    vetcai-l@KSUVM.ksu.edu        Vet. Medicine Computer Assisted Instruction
    vetlib-l@VTVM2.bitnet         Veterinary Medicine Library issues and info.
    vetmed-l@UGA.cc.uga.edu       Veterinary Medicine (Peered)

    Anthropology and Archaeology

    anct-ne@vm.byu.edu            Ancient Near Eastern Studies
    anthro-l@UBVM.cc.buffalo.edu  General Anthropology Bulletin Board
    arch-l@TAMVM1.tamu.edu        Archaeology List
    humevo@GWUVM.gwu.edu       M  Human Evolutionary Research Discussion
    native-l@TAMVM1.tamu.edu      Issues Pertaining to Aboriginal Peoples
    pacarc-l@WSUVM1.csc.wsu.edu   Pacific Rim Archaeology Interest List
    pan@GWUVM.gwu.edu             Physical Anthropology News List


    bee-l@albany.edu              Discussion of Bee Biology
    bio-dost@ege.edu.tr           Biologists in Turkey
    bioesr-l@UMCVMB.bitnet        Biological applications of Electron Spin Res.
    biomch-l@nic.surfnet.nl       Biomechanics and Movement Science
    bnfnet-l@FINHUTC.hut.fi       Biological Nitrogen Fixation Forum
    cp@opus.hpl.hp.com            Carnivorous Plants
    entobr-l@vm1.lcc.ufmg.br      Entomology in Brazil (in Portuguese)
    entomo-l@vm.UOGUELPH.ca       Entomology Discussion List
    ethology@FINHUTC.hut.fi    G  Ethology
    herm@ege.edu.tr               Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Discussion
    iapwild@vm1.nodak.edu         International Arctic Project Wildlife
    l-etho@UQAM.bitnet            Ethologistes/Ethologists
    iopi@life.anu.edu.au       M  Int. Organization for Plant Information
    iubs@life.anu.edu.au       M  Int. Union of Biological Societies
    lactacid@SEARN.sunet.se       Lactic Acid Bacteria Forum
    micronet@vm.UOGUELPH.ca       Fungus and Root Interaction Discussion
    rmbl-l@umdd.umd.edu           Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory
    socinsct@albany.edu           Social Insect Biology Research List
    thphysio@FRMOP11.cnusc.fr     Thermal Physiology


    biomet-l@ALBNYDH2.bitnet      Bureau of Biometrics at Albany
    bmdp-l@vm1.mcgill.ca          BMDP Software Users
    edstat-l@jse.stat.ncsu.edu  G Journal of Statistics Education List
    morphmet@CUNYVM.cuny.edu      Biological Morphometrics Mailing List
    pstat-l@IRLEARN.ucd.ie        Discussion of Stats and Programming
    qmlist@tbone.biol.scarolina.edu Quantitative Morphology List
    sas-l@UGA.cc.uga.edu        G SAS Discussion (Peered)
    saspac-l@UMSLVMA.umsl.edu     SAS Public Access Consortium
    spssx-l@UGA.cc.uga.edu      G SPSSX Discussion (Peered)
    stat-l@vm1.mcgill.ca        G Statistical Consulting

    Computational biology

    complex@life.anu.edu.au     M Complex systems
    cybsys-l@BINGVMB.cc.binghamton.edu Cybernetics and Systems
    ecosys-l@vm.gmd.de            List for ecosystem theory and modeling
    glosas-l@acadvm1.UOTTAWA.ca   GLObal Systems Analysis and Simulation List
    inns-l@UMDD.umd.edu           International Neural Network Society
    ndrg-l@WVNVM.wvnet.edu        Nonlinear Dynamics Research Group
    neural-n@ANDESCOL.uniandes.edu.co Artificial Neural Networks Discussion
    smbnet@fconvx.ncifcrf.gov     Society for Mathematical Biology

    Conservation and Environmental Studies

    apaspan@GWUVM.gwu.edu         APA Scientific Grassroots Network
    aquifer@IBACSATA.bitnet       Pollution and grondwater recharge
    aseh-l@TTUVM1.bitnet          American Soc. of Environmental Historians
    comdev@vm.ecs.rpi.edu         Communication & international development
    consbio@UWAVM.u.washington.edu Conservation Biology List
    conslink@SIVM.si.edu          Discussion on Biological Conservation
    cturtle@NERVM.nerdc.ufl.edu   Sea Turtle Biology and Conservation List
    devel-l@AUVM.american.edu  G  Technology Transfer in Int. Development
    envst-l@BROWNVM.brown.edu     Environmental Studies Discussion List
    icam-l@IRMFAO01.bitnet        Integrated Coastal Area Management
    itrdbfor@asuvm.inre.asu.edu   Dendrochronology Forum
    laspau-l@HARVARDA.harvard.edu Latin America Scholarship Program
    meh2o-l@TAUNIVM.tau.ac.il     Middle East water
    natura-l@UCHCECVM.bitnet      Ecology and Envir. Protection in Chile
    nciw-l@YALEVM.cis.yale.edu    Nutrient Cycling Issues - Worldwide
    odp-l@TAMVM1.tamu.edu         Ocean Drilling Program Open Discussion
    sopren-l@secom.ufpa.br        SOPREN discussion re Amazonia (Portuguese)


    biosph-l@UBVM.cc.buffalo.edu G Biosphere, ecology, Discussion List
    biodiv-l@bdt.ftpt.ansp.br     Biodiversity networks
    bird_rba@ARIZVM1.ccit.arizona.edu National Birding Hotline Cooperative
    birdband@ARIZVM1.ccit.arizona.edu Bird Bander's Forum
    birdchat@ARIZVM1.ccit.arizona.edu National Birding Hotline (Chat Line)
    birdcntr@ARIZVM1.ccit.arizona.edu National Birding Hotline (Central)
    birdeast@ARIZVM1.ccit.arizona.edu National Birding Hotline (East)
    birdwest@ARIZVM1.ccit.arizona.edu National Birding Hotline (West)
    birdtrip@ARIZVM1.ccit.arizona.edu Special BIRDCHAT LOGO Project
    ecolog-l@UMDD.umd.edu      G  Ecological Society of America
    firenet@life.anu.edu.au       Discussion of fire in landscape ecology
    ots-l@YALEVM.cis.yale.edu     Organization for Tropical Studies
    polpal-l@vm.UOGUELPH.ca       Pollination and palynology list
    sinoecol@MIAMIU.bitnet        Sino-Ecologists Club Overseas Forum

    Geology and Geography (including GIS)

    acdgis-l@AWIIMC12.imc.univie.ac.at Geographic Information Systems
    astra-ug@icnucevm.bitnet      ASTRA joint database project users group
    climlist@OHSTVMA.acs.ohio-state.edu Climatology Distribution List
    coastgis@IRLEARN.ucd.ie       Coastal GIS Distribution List
    cpgis-l@UBVM.cc.buffalo.edu   Chinese Professionals GIS Use List
    geograph@FINHUTC.hut.fi       Geography
    geology@PTEARN.fc.ul.pt       Geology Discussion List
    geonet-l@IUBVM.ucs.indiana.edu M Geoscience Librarians & Information
    georef@UNALCOL.bitnet         Sistemas de Info. Geo-Ref. (GIS in Spanish)
    gis-l@UBVM.cc.buffalo.edu  G  Geographic Information Systems
    idrisi-l@toe.towson.edu       Idrisi Discussion List
    imagrs-l@csearn.bitnet        Image Processing of Remotely Sensed data
    maps-l@UGA.cc.uga.edu         Maps and Air Photo Systems Forum
    quake-l@vm.nodak.edu          QUAKE-L Discussion List
    seism-l@BINGVMB.cc.binghamton.edu Seismological Data Distribution
    seismd-l@BINGVMB.cc.binghamton.edu Seismological Discussion
    stat-geo@UFRJ.bitnet          Forum of Quantitative Methods in Geosciences
    tgis-l@UBVM.cc.buffalo.edu    Temporal Topics on GIS List
    ucgis-l@UBVM.cc.buffalo.edu   Univ Consort for Geo Info & Analysis List
    uigis-l@UBVM.cc.buffalo.edu G User Interfaces for Geographic Info. Sys.
    vigis-l@UWAVM.u.washington.edu Virtual Reality and GIS

    Marine biology

    brine-l@UGA.cc.uga.edu        Brine Shrimp Discussion List
    deepsea@uvvm.uvic.ca          Deep Sea and Vent News
    diatom-l@IUBVM.ucs.indiana.edu Research on the diatom algae
    hypbar-l@TECHNION.technion.ac.il HyperBaric & Diving Medicine List
    marine-l@vm.UOGUELPH.ca       Marine Studies/Shipboard Education
    medsea-l@AEARN.bitnet         Marine Biology of the Adriatic Sea List

    Medicine and medical research

    admra-l@ALBNYDH2.bitnet       Adirondack Medical Records Association List
    amia-37@UMAB.bitnet           American Medical Informatics Association
    amied-l@vm1.mcgill.ca         American Medical Informatics Association Edu.
    babson@HARVARDA.harvard.edu   Discussions on Organizational Design of Acad.
    biomed-l@vm1.mcgill.ca        Assoc. of Biomedical Communications Directors
    biomed-l@NDSUVM1.bitnet       Biomedical Ethics
    cancer-l@WVNVM.wvnet.edu      CANCER discussion list
    clan@FRMOP11.cnusc.fr         Cancer Liaison and Action Network
    cfs-med@NIHLIST.bitnet        Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/CFIDS medical list
    cocamed@UTORONTO.bitnet       Computers in Canadian Medical Education
    compmed@WUVMD.bitnet        M Comparative Medicine List
    conflist@UCSFVM.bitnet        School of Medicine Conference List
    cromed-l@AEARN.bitnet         CROatian MEDical List
    family-l@MIZZOU1.bitnet       Academic Family Medicine Discussion
    healthco@RPITSVM.bitnet       Communication in health/medical context
    hypermed@UMAB.bitnet          Biomedical Hypermedia Instructional Design
    imia-l@UMAB.bitnet            Int. Medical Informatics Assn. Board
    iscami@GREARN.csi.forth.gr    Computer Assist. Management & Manip. Info.
    jmedclub@BROWNVM.brown.edu    Medical Journal Discussion Club
    lasmed-l@TAUNIVM.tau.ac.il    Laser Medicine
    medcons@FINHUTC.hut.fi        Medical consulting and case descriptions
    medforum@ARIZVM1.ccit.arizona.edu M Medical Students Discussion
    medimage@POLYVM.bitnet        Medical Imaging Discussion List
    medlib-l@UBVM.cc.buffalo.edu  Medical Libraries Discussion List
    mednets@NDSUVM1.bitnet        Medical Telecommunications Networks
    mednews@ASUACAD.bitnet      M Health Info-Com Network (HICN) Newsletter
    medphy-l@AWIIMC12.bitnet      EFOMP Medical Physics Information Services
    medstu-l@UNMVMA.bitnet      M Medical student discussion list
    medsup-l@YALEVM.cis.yale.edu  Medical Support List
    nnlm-sea@UMAB.bitnet          National Network Library of Medicine SEA
    nutepi@DB0TUIM.bitnet         Nutritional Epidemiology Discussion List
    oxygen-l@MIZZOU1.bitnet       Oxygen Free Radical Biology and Medicine
    panet-l@YALEVM.cis.yale.edu   Medical Education and Health Information
    smcdcme@WAYNEST1.bitnet       Continuing Medical Education Discussion List
    smdm-l@DARTCMS1.bitnet        Medical Decision Making List

    Molecular biology

    biotech@UMDD.umd.edu       G  Biotechnology Discussion List
    confocal@UBVM.cc.buffalo.edu  Confocal Microscopy List
    cyan-tox@GREARN.csi.forth.gr  The Cyanobacterial Toxins Discussion List
    dis-l@IUBVM.ucs.indiana.edu   Drosophila workers to receive DIS Newsletter
    ebcbbul@HDETUD1.tudelft.nl    Computers in Biotechnology, Rsch. and Edu.
    ebcbcat@HDETUD1.tudelft.nl    Catalogue of 'Biotechnological' software
    embinfo@IBACSATA.bitnet       EMBNet (European Molecular Biology Network)
    emflds-l@UBVM.cc.buffalo.edu  Electromagnetics in Med., Sci. & Com.
    forumbio@scf.fundp.ac.be      Forum on molecular biology
    genetics@INDYCMS.iupui.edu    Clinical human genetics
    lpn-l@BROWNVM.brown.edu       Laboratory Primate Newsletter List
    nibnews@ccsun.unicamp.br      NIBNews (Biology and Medical Informatics)
    rbmi@FRORS13.bitnet           Molecular Biology Research Group


    cogsci-l@vm1.yorku.ca         Cognitive Science Discussion Group
    dasp-l@earn.cvut.cs           Digital Acoustic Signal Processing
    ecovis-l@YALEVM.cis.yale.edu  Trends in the Ecology of Vision
    neuchile@CUNYVM.cuny.edu      Chilean Neurosciences Discussion List
    neuro-l@YALEVM.cis.yale.edu   Yale Neuroscience Program
    neuro1-l@UICVM.uic.edu        Neuroscience Information Forum
    neus582@UICVM.uic.edu         Methods in Modern Neuroscience
    sbnc-l@BRUSPVM.bitnet         Brazilian Society of Neurosciences & Comp.

    Taxonomy and Systematics

    class-l@ccvm.sunysb.edu       Classification and phylogeny estimation
    muse-l@HARVARDA.harvard.edu   Muse Software Discussion List
    museum-l@UNMVMA.unm.edu       Museum discussion list
    rapd-l@vm.byu.edu             RAPD sequencing discussion list
    roots-l@vm1.nodak.edu         Genealogy list
    taxacom@HARVARDA.harvard.edu  Taxonomic and systematic collections list

    Teaching and Research

    biocis-l@SIVM.si.edu          Biology Curriculum Innovation Study
    biopi-l@KSUVM.ksu.edu         Secondary Biology Teacher List
    conslt-l@IUBVM.ucs.indiana.edu Research and Practice in Mentoring
    grants-l@JHUVM.hcf.jhu.edu    NSF Grants & Contracts
    hpsst-l@QUCDN.queensu.ca      History and Philosophy of Science
    job-list@FRORS12.bitnet       Job offers from EARN Institute members
    methods@vm.ecs.rpi.edu        Research methodology
    navigate@UBVM.cc.buffalo.edu M Navigating The Internet Workshop List
    newedu-l@vm.usc.edu           New Paradigms in Education List
    nihggc-l@UBVM.cc.buffalo.edu M NIH Grants and Contracts Distribution List
    nsf-l@YALEVM.cis.yale.edu     NSF Information List
    pcorps-l@CMUVM.bitnet      G  International Volunteers Discussion Group
    scifaq-l@YALEVM.cis.yale.edu G Science FAQ List
    scifraud@uacsc2.albany.edu    Discussion of Fraud in Science
    vpiej-l@VTVM1.cc.vt.edu    G  Electronic journal discussions
    wisenet@UICVM.uic.edu         Women In Science and Engineering NETwork

-*- The End