Frequently Asked Question List
                      Section 8: Communications
                Last Modified Mon Jun 21 14:06:04 1993

(You can fetch cryomsg "n" by sending mail to or
to with the subject line "CRYOMSG n".  There is
more about this in the answer to question 8-2.  The index
to this FAQ list is cryomsg "0018.1".  )

Copyright 1993 by Tim Freeman.  See the end of Section 1 for
restrictions on redistribution.

8-1.  How can I get more information?

Steve Bridge's "Introduction to Cryonics" gives a quick, three-page
overview of cryonics. This overview is cryomsg 972.

For a more detailed introduction, including a discussion of the
scientific evidence that freezing injury may be repairable, read the
booklet "Cryonics: Reaching for Tomorrow", which is available from the
Alcor Life Extension Foundation (Question 6-4 has the address).  It
includes an extensive Question and Answer section.

The books "Engines of Creation" and "Unbounding the Future", by
K. Eric Drexler, et al. describe nanotechnology (also called
molecular nanotechnology or molecular engineering).  This is the
kind of technology needed to revive anyone preserved with today's
methods of cryonic suspension.

The largest three suspension organizations each have newsletters.  For
contact information about on them, see the answer to Question 6-4.

8-2.  What is a cryomsg?  How do I fetch one?

There has been a cryonics mailing list since July 1988.
Cryomsg's are mostly the archived messages from this mailing list.

To get a cryomsg, send mail to or to with the subject "CRYOMSG nnn nnn" where the
nnn's are the numbers of the cryomsg's you want.  Also, all cryomsg's
referenced in this FAQ (and a few others) are available by anonymous
FTP from, directory
Cryomsgs numbers 100, 200, ..., 900 have one line summaries of the preceding
cryomsg's.  Message number 0000 has a top level index, and message
number 0001 has the subjects of all of the messages.  Message 0004
has a list of cryonics suspension organizations and also
cryonics-related organizations and publications.  Message 0005 is
entitled "Suggested reference messages for new subscribers".