JD's [VE0JD/VA7OTC] Radio Amateur page

"John D. Erskine, QTH Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

nam hr [name here is] JD(John)
call [international call sign] VA7OTC, amateur radio MM [maritime mobile callsign is] VE0JD"
Over the years I've held several callsigns, some have lapsed others renewed. Currently I hold VE0JD VA7OTC VE3OTC VE6OTC and sponsor club stations VA7RCN - HMCS MALAHAT ARC(Amateur Radio Club) and VA7AUX VMRS/Aux35 ARC. The latter one is for use by Victoria Marine Rescue Society or the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary Unit 35 - Victoria which it, VMRS, supports.

Some of my radio amateur interests are data/digital including APRS(Automatic Position Reporting System), qrp (that's very low power radio), portable work were you haul your stuff out somewhere, marine mobile, nets, public service, HF, VHF, UHF, including 6m and 220.

With respect to data/digital comms, one of the most active Canadian groups is VARPA or the Victoria Amateur Radio Packet Assoc.. Our web site is at http://www.varpa.bc.ca/. VARPA was formed in 1989 at the south Vancouver Island "Ham Happenings" (usually the second full weekend in September each year. This year HH is sponsored by the other club I belong to here the West Coast Amateur Radio Assoc. better known as WARA.) VARPA has regularly published an informative newsletter "Connect Request" put out by it's seemlingly tireless editor Larry Joe, VE7DIE and his digital elves. Larry's name may seem familiar as he has also had a column about packet radio in RAC's TCA - The Canadian Amateur.

Try the web based Java delivered map to see if my APRS station VA7OTC is on the air. Or at FindU.com. If not, check at the VARPA site for other local hams on APRS, several use automatic tracker units.

Please send me an e-mail to any of my current callsigns via the RAC redirection, ie VE0JD@AUNTIESPAMrac.ca if you wish to discuss any of this. Unsolicited commercial e-mail is not welcome.

For information on Amateur Radio in Canada and in general, contact Radio Amateurs of/du Canada (RAC) at http://www.rac.ca

Check back for more, updates, links, etc. 73

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