Tinctures, [Control of Alcohol Level] Bjørn Larsen & D. Foley, IeInc. 1997.

This work is the result of a seminar with the Dominion Herbal College. You may have one copy for your own use. If you would like to use it in other work or simply distribute copies, please remit $1.00 per copy. The first $100 will be donated to our kind host, the Victoria Telecommunity Network.

Here is the tincture text file.
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In the words of David Hoffmann:
"In the green!"



1. To reduce the strength of an alcohol tincture:

        V[final] = V[initial] * P[initial] / P[final].

        nb: Dilute the tincture up to V[final] with pure water.

2. To increase the alcoholic strength of a tincture:

        V[2] = V[1] * (P[final]-P[1]) / (P[2]-P[final]).

        nb: Add V[2] to V[1].

            The final volume is the sum (V[1]+V[2]).