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"Things that I do every day
Make some people walk away
They don't have a word to say
What they don't know is
It's OK to be twenty-nine and still wannna play
So long as you're able

Ya, they try to put me in a class
Change my face to fit their mask
Why do they make life such a task that we can't all drink from one glass
What difference does it make, I ask
If we all sit at one table

Don't you wonder where it's at
Don't you ever question
Why is that
I don't know just what there is to get
The only thing I can say for sure is
We ain't found it yet

Take away the wealth and fame
Strip off poverty and shame
The world could answer to one name
Our egos we could learn to tame
You might find out we're all the same
Runnin' on one cable

Ya, they try to hide things from our eyes
As we grow up we're hypnotized
Our joys and pleasures minimized
For fear of being criticized
But in my heart I hear the cries
That it's all just a fable

Ah, don't you wonder where it's at
How come you never question
Why is that
I don't know just what there is to get
The only thing I can say for sure is
I ain't found it yet

Wouldn't our lives be a joy
If we were taught how to employ
Material things to be what they are
A toy with which to play and not destroy
Leavin us to be free a girl or boy
All livin' in one stable

Then we could do just as we please
Without offending societies'
Laws that cause psychosomatic disease
Without the pressure of any of these
Our lives would be a swingin' breeze
Without a label


For the fleein' faun there's no sacred tree
They'll try to make hypocricy your heredity
So choose your views most carefully
The future's hope lives on what you turn out to be

Ah, child of our times , child of our times
Product of our society
Ah, what will you grow up to respect
Tell me, what will you grow up to protect
In your burning turing mind you are your own worst enemy

Each minute you're alive you're that much closer to death
So make the most of each precious breath

Barry McGuire

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