stalking the net: lynx

A note on a lynx approach to "frames-only" pages

to see location. Note it well - type it into the command line: "g http://...". Now you can use it to get to related objects: "g" Up Arrow, then edit your previous URL.
to see source. Nb., the text may go off the screen.
When this is a problem print the file to your local directory: (P)rint then save to a local file. (G)o "files" then use lynx to (E)dit the local file. Or see next - use query.
to query for extensions, object names, etc... you are looking for , or expect to see. For example: "w" "http://"
http://[your deduced URL]

Don't forget to investigate the image maps and frames.
Look at the source, or follow the frames and links, if they have meaningful names.

the history page is useful for when you get lost.
here are the rest of the lynx commands.
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