Netimer is Free!

Netimer is a Win3.1 utility which will start Netscape and record your cummulative online times.

Netimer 0.2 for Win3.1 written in C-- is a bound script file run on the CEnvi demo from NOMBAS. There will be an occasional notice on loading.

The time recorded is taken from the dialer display on the screen and stored on your home computer or diskette.
Sometimes it is nice to know how long one has been online in a given month without having to logon.

Get a copy of netimer.cmm (13K) the source for the Win3.1 runnable utility, and (95K) the help-file. For a copy of the runnable [netimer.exe] write or e-mail me.

You'll need a copy of a cum file. Make twelve of them named net0jan.cum to net0dec.cum. These store the cummulative online time. Put them in the directory with netimer2.exe. See the helpfile for the details.

The Complete Package:

It's All Free!

Snail-Mail a diskette and receive:

The CEnvi demo may work with other operating sytems (OS/2, DOS, etc.) See the documentation or ask NOMBAS.

Please send your comment.

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Last updated 04 January 2001.