Victoria Nautical Song Circle

The Crew of the Victoria Nautical Song Circle "musters" every two weeks for a friendly session of sea songs. No special training, equipment or information is required. There is no membership fee or application form to fill out. Apply for and maintain your "membership" with your voice and your feet! We're rather informal and not too snooty, so bring:

Suggested Circle Format

A suggestion or two to help the circle feel like a comfortable place for everyone:

For more info or to put your name, number and e-mail on our contact list e-mail JD (John D.) Erskine. Please remove the bit in all CAPS.
Also bookmark our Victoria Nautical Song Circle main page, check back for updates re time, date and venue on the "Sailing Orders" page and VNSC - Pusser's Stores for lyrics, sources and links.

Victoria Nautical Song Circle
Updated 2008/05/31.