Victoria Nautical Song Circle

It seemed necessary to quell some unfortunate and inaccurate scuttlebutt going around with respect to the VNSC and copyright. We're better than most at knowing who wrote a song, if it's not trad./anon. We also have a strong history of seeking permission of attributed authors before posting lyrics. There was a story circulating that the song circle had run afoul of copyright law. Really? If there is a question please write, the e-mail addie is on the site. After a few years of wonderment at these very indirect comments, or expressions of concern your scribeaccidentally discovered the source of the story in 2008. It has nothing to do with the VNSC. It was about an offered home-made compilation CD of nautical songs, from Victoria. A strong association no doubt.

"That is all".

"Pusser" a derivation of Purser, the supply/logistics hand, is an old yet current form of Naval slang used mostly in "Commonwealth" navies, those with strong operational, adminstrative or traditional ties to the British - Royal Navy, certainly in regular use in the Canadian Navy. Similar to the U.S. Army's use of the term "G.I." - Government Issue, anything issued by the Crown/government stores system may be referred to as Pusser. Something or someone(!), who appears to be "issue" may be refered to as "Pusser" as well. "His attitude was SO Pusser, it hurt."
Any information you'd like to see added here, please provide it, or a link to it. You may e-mail it to me. NOTE: this is a song circle, not a clothing store! Good name though...
Victoria Nautical Song Circle
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