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Recent Changes

I run the DC Universe Mailing List and the Marvel Universe Mailing List. To join either list, e-mail the address below (no subject) with the message subscribe dcu-l or subscribe marvel-u

I also run a Wild Cards Mailing List
Send a blank e-mail here

Finally, my newest list is one devoted to discussing the Comics Industry:
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I also run my own Comic Book Review List and a Trivia Questions List using my personal e-mail

Finally I have a fair trade policy with comic book related links: You create a link to my site and I'll create a link to yours, as long as your site isn't obscene. If you've linked to me and I haven't linked back to you, let me know and I'll rectify the situation.
Here are the sites who have taken advantage of this thus far:

House of Vertigo

Comic Book Resources Huge list of comic book related links

Avengers Site


Various Victoria Telecommunities Network Links Not comics related, but they linked to me, so I link to them

I will also be going through recent e-mail and adding other pages that have linked to me soon. If you've linked to me and don't see a link here within a week or so, remind me and I'll get right on it.