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Updated Month of 2004.02

Global Collections

  1. Electronic Serials Search Tools: British Columbia Digital Library (David Mattison; hosted by BC Community Networks Association)
  2. Canadian Electronic Scholarly Network (CESN) (SchoolNet, Industry Canada)
  3. Canadian Newspapers on Microform held by the National Library of Canada
  4. Commercial News Services on the Internet (Kathy Valladares) EINET Galaxy see TradeWave
  5. Electronic Journals Resources Directory (Peter Scott, University of Saskatchewan Libraries)
  6. The Electronic Newsstand
  7. Environmental Magazines & Newspapers (Victoria Telecommunity Network, Victoria, BC)
  8. ETEXT Archives (CICNet, Inc./University of Michigan)
  9. Full-Text Archives of Scholarly Society Serial Publications (Scholarly Society Project, University of Waterloo Library, ON)
  10. Future Publishing Magazines Server (England)
  11. Use Ingenta (formerly UnCover Web) to search for magazine articles
  12. Internet Library of Early Journals: A Digital Library of 18th and 19th Century Journals (England)
  13. National Library of Canada Electronic Publications Pilot Project (English Version). For the French version follow the French language links on the NLC Home Page.
  14. NetBC: News Web British Columbia (Victoria)
  15. NewJour Archive (Internet list for new journals and newsletters available on the Internet maintained at the University of California, San Diego, Libraries)
  16. Newsletters, Journals & Zines on WWW (Francois Charoy, Nancy, France)
  17. NewsLink
  18. TAO Electronic Library (The Anarchy Organization [TAO])
  19. TradeWave Galaxy: Books Magazines and Comics (Consumer Products and Services)
  20. World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Electronic Journals
  21. Yahoo: Computers: Internet: Newsletters Directory
  22. Yahoo: Entertainment: Magazines Directory

Canadian Titles and Organizations: Published In or About Canada

  1. AbolitionistNews
  2. AE Magazine, a Canadian film magazine
  3. Alberta Magazine Publishers Association
  4. Alexander News Corp. (Vancouver, BC)
  5. American Immigration Law Weekly (For Canadians)
  6. Autonome Magazine (PQ)
  7. Beautiful British Columbia (Victoria)
  8. The Beaver (Winnipeg, MB) NOTE: Requires Netscape 1.22 or higher to view.
  9. Bidding on Bay Street, a Canadian Equity information newsletter.
  10. Big Dreams ISSN 1198-8819 (Vancouver, BC)
  11. Breathers' Digest (AIRSPACE Non-Smokers' Rights Society, Vancouver, BC). NOTE: no separate URL for this Webzine.
  12. B.C. Parent News Magazine
  13. BC Studies (Vancouver, BC)
  14. B.C. Waterfront & Island Magazine (Port Alberni, BC)
  15. Broadcast Dialogue (Toronto, ON) is devoted to the broadcast industry
  16. Buddhist Door (Tung Lin Kok Yuen, Canada Society, Vancouver, BC)
  17. Bulletin (Canadian Society of Patristic Studies)
  18. Business to Business Magazine
  19. CAG Newsletter (Canadian Association of Geographers)
  20. Calgary Explorer (Calgary, AB)
  21. Canada Japan Business Journal (Van Network Ltd., Vancouver, BC)
  22. Canadian Almanac & Directory
  23. Canadian Bioethics Report (Department of Ethics and Legal Affairs, Canadian Medical Association)
  24. Canadian Computer Wholesaler
  25. Canadian Firefighter Magazine
  26. Canadian Foreign Policy Journal=La Politique etrangere du Canada (Norman Paterson School of International Affairs, Carleton University, ON)
  27. Canadian Geographer (Journal of the Canadian Association of Geographers)
  28. Canadian Historical Review (University of Toronto Press, ON)
  29. Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science
  30. Canadian Journal of Communication (Wilfrid Laurier University Press via Simon Fraser University Harbour Centre, Burnaby, BC)
  31. Canadian Journal of Economics ISSN: 0008-4085 (University of Toronto Press, ON)
  32. Canadian Journal of Film Studies ISSN 0847-5911 (Film Studies Association of Canada)
  33. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences
  34. Canadian Journal of Information and Library Science (University of Toronto Press, ON)
  35. Canadian Journal of Law & Society
  36. Canadian Journal of Linguistics ISSN 0008-4131 (University of Toronto Press, ON)
  37. Canadian Journal of Mathematics (University of Toronto Press, ON)
  38. Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
  39. Canadian Journal of Plastic Surgery (Official Journal of: Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons; Canadian Society for Aesthetic (Cosmetic) Plastic Surgery; Groupe pour l'Avancement de la Microchirurgie Canada [GAM])
  40. Canadian Journal of Political Science (Canadian Political Science Association)
  41. The Canadian Journal of Rural Medicine
  42. Canadian Journal of Sociology ISSN 0318-6431 (University of Toronto Press, ON)
  43. Canadian Journal of Surgery (Canadian Medical Association)
  44. Canadian Journal of Women and the Law (University of Toronto Press, ON)
  45. Canadian Mathematical Bulletin ISSN 0008-4395 (University of Toronto Press, ON)
  46. Canadian Medical Association Journal
  47. Canadian Modern Language Review ISSN 0008-4506 (University of Toronto Press, ON)
  48. Canadian Press and Broadcast News Home Page (Toronto, ON)
  49. Canadian Public Policy ISSN 0317-0861 (University of Toronto Press, ON)
  50. Canadian Review of Comparative Literature ISSN 0319-051X (University of Toronto Press, ON)
  51. Canadian Social Studies ISSN: 1191-162X (University of Toronto Press, ON)
  52. Canadian Theatre Review ISSN 0315-0836 (University of Toronto Press, ON)
  53. Capacity - The Webzine ISSN 1198-7634 (Vancouver, BC)
  54. Capital Current: News from Canada's Capital (Astroff Corkum Ross Associates Inc., Ottawa)
  55. Cariboo Computer Magazine (Williams Lake, BC)
  56. Cartographica ISSN 0317-7173 (University of Toronto Press, ON)
  57. Chaos: A Journal of Art & Society (Dept. of English, University of Victoria, BC)
  58. Circuit Traces (BC)
  59. Cityscope Magazine (Calgary, AB)
  60. CM Magazine
  61. CMB Online: Christian Music Bulletin
  62. Communications & Networking (Plesman Publications Ltd.)
  63. Computer Dealer News (Plesman Publications Ltd.)
  64. The Computer Paper (Vancouver, BC)
  65. Computing Canada (Plesman Publications Ltd.)
  66. Computing Plus Magazine (Victoria, BC)
  67. Concord Living Update (Concord Pacific Developments, Vancouver, BC)
  68. Conservation Ecology ISSN 1195-5449 (Dept. of Biology, Carleton University, Ottawa, ON)
  69. Le Coq Sportif [guide to hockey]
  70. Critical Mass: The Webzine of Communication Issues (School of Communication, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC)
  71. CTHEORY/Canadian Journal of Political and Social Theory
  72. Cursus (ISSN 1201-7302) (l'Ecole de bibliotheconomie et des sciences de l'information [EBSI], Universite de Montreal, PQ)
  73. CyberStage Online (Toronto, ON)
  74. Datalink (Nanaimo, BC)
  75. Designers (Quebec) [The fashion industry scene in Quebec]
  76. Diaspora ISSN 1044-2057 (University of Toronto Press, ON)
  77. Digital Rag (Vancouver, BC)
  78. Direction Informatique (Plesman Publications Ltd.)
  79. Dodo Land in Cyberspace (Swiftsure Arcade, Victoria, BC)
  80. Early Modern Literary Studies (Vancouver, BC)
  81. The Edge (Human Resources Development Canada; Canadian Career Development Foundation; and the National Life/ Work Centre)
  82. Edu@media: education et nouvelles technologies (Quebec)
  83. Eighteenth Century Fiction ISSN 0840-6286 (McMaster University, ON)
  84. Electronic Journal of Sociology
  85. Electronic Soapbox Magazine (York University, ON)
  86. e-poem: the electronic poetry journal of the Stroll of Poets Society (Edmonton, AB)
  87. ETRnews: Canada's National Communications Journal
  88. Equinox Magazine (Canada) Note: Not online at since early May 2000; please let compiler know if new address exists
  89. Error 404 (Canada)
  90. Euphony Net-Magazine (Vancouver, BC)
  91. Exclaim (!*@#) Magazine (Shmooze)
  92. Family History News (Parr's Publishing, Oshawa, ON)
  93. FMagZine (Vancouver, BC)
  94. Front Magazine (Western Front, Vancouver, BC)
  95. Generality (Vancouver, BC)
  96. GirlsCan Magazine (Cranbrook, BC)
  97. Global Monitor (aka Monitor Magazine) (Global-X-Change Communications Inc., Ottawa, ON)
  98. Government Computer (Canada Computer Paper Inc.)
  99. Government Information in Canada/Information gouvernementale au Canada (ISSN 1198-5291) (University of Saskatchewan)
  100. Grassroots International Environmental Magazine and Grassroots Youth Magazine
  101. green Cart magazine (Vancouver, BC)
  102. Hazardous Materials Management Magazine (Markham, ON)
  103. Hearst Corp. Multimedia Newsstand
  104. Heritage Post Interactive (ExCITE, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby and CRB Foundation)
  105. hip Webzine ISSN 1198-9394 (Vancouver, BC)
  106. Histoire Social Social History ISSN 0018-2257 (University of Toronto Press, ON)
  107. Historical Studies (Canadian Catholic Historical Association)
  108. Hi-Tech Bulletin (Victoria, BC)
  109. HTML Assistant Newsletter (Bedord, NS)
  110. HUM: The Government Computer Magazine (Ottawa, ON)
  111. Ideas DIGest ONLINE (Vancouver, BC)
  112. Infinity (Windsor House School, North Vancouver, BC)
  113. Infomart Dialog Ltd.: Front Page News (Toronto, ON)
  114. INFOR: Information Systems & Operational Research ISSN 0315-5986 (Canadian Operational Research Society and Canadian Information Processing Society)
  115. InfoSystems Executive (Plesman Publications Ltd.)
  116. Inner Harbour Magazine (Victoria, BC) (The Harbour Group)
  117. InnovatioNS (Nova Scotia)
  118. InterFace Magazine (Victoria, BC)
  119. International Health News (Victoria, BC)
  120. International Teletimes (Vancouver, BC)
  121. It's A Bunny Magazine (Montreal, PQ)
  122. January Magazine (Vancouver, BC)
  123. JazzView (Andre White)
  124. Law Notes (Murphy Collette Murphy, Moncton, NB)
  125. Le Journal (Collectif Humaniste de l'Estrie, Sherbrooke, PQ)
  126. Journal of Canadian Art History
  127. Journal of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences ISSN 1482-1826 (Canadian Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences)
  128. Journal of Scholarly Publishing ISSN 1198-9742 (University of Toronto Press, ON)
  129. Kinema: A Journal for Film and Audiovisual Media (University of Waterloo, ON)
  130. Left History. Toronto, ON: Dept. of History, York University. Vol. 1, no. 1 (1993?)-. Some articles are online.
  131. Living in Victoria Electrazine
  132. Log Cabin Chronicles (John Mahoney, Ayer's Cliff, PQ)
  133. Maclean's Magazine (Toronto, ON)
  134. Mecklermedia's iWorld (Mecklermedia Corp., Westport, CT)
  135. Media West Magazine (Vancouver, BC)
  136. Mediatribe (Communication Studies, Concordia University, Montreal, PQ)
  137. MENS: Revue d'histoire intellectuelle de l'Amérique française. Québec, QC: Département d'histoire, Université Laval. Vol. 1, no. 1 (automne 2000)-. ISSN : 1492-8647. Variant title: Revue MENS.
  138. Merlin's Web: The Magician's Electronic Magazine ISSN 1203-0112 (Victoria, BC)
  139. Minor Hockey Weekly (Daymar Publications, Comox, BC)
  140. Mobilis: The Mobile Lifestyle Magazine (Victoria, BC)
  141. Modern Drama ISSN 0026-7694 (Graduate Centre for Study of Drama, University of Toronto, ON)
  142. Monday Magazine (Monday Publications, Ltd., Victoria, BC)
  143. Motive (Guelph, ON)
  144. nano-connect!: a newsletter for Internauts (J.W. Smith)
  145. Nepenthe Journal ISSN: 1481-9139
  146. Networking ISSN: 1206-9450 (the NODE, University of Western Ontario, London) covers learning technologies
  147. North West Aviation Trader (Delta, BC)
  148. North Shore News (North Vancouver, BC)
  149. The Northern Review (Yukon College, Whitehorse)
  150. Northwest Journal (Northwest Brigade Club)
  151. NRC Research Press (National Research Council of Canada): Journals and Monographs
  152. Nunatsiaq News (Iqaluit, NT)
  153. NWHQ (Digital Co-op, Vancouver, BC)
  154. On the Edge: Connections for Canadian Information Professionals (Special Libraries Association Western Canada Chapter)
  155. oo zoo may news (Uzume Taiko Drum Group Society, Vancouver, BC)
  156. Outdoor Nova Scotia (Halifax, NS)
  157. paperplates: A Magazine for Fifties Readers (Toronto, ON)
  158. Pique - Whistler's Weekly E-NEWS Magazine (Whistler, BC)
  159. PRISM International (Dept. of Creative Writing, University of BC, Vancouver)
  160. Provenance: The Web Magazine for Information Specialists ISSN 1203-8954 (NetPac Communications Ltd., Vancouver, BC)
  161. Québec Micro!
  162. RAGe Magazine Online (Hamilton, ON)
  163. Rational Enquirer: The Skeptics' Newsletter for Western Canada (BC Skeptics Society, Vancouver, BC)
  164. The Reader (Duthie Books, Vancouver, BC)
  165. Recipes by email (RBE) (Ken M. Smith, Victoria, BC)
  166. Reluctant Hero (Toronto, ON)
  167. La Revue Quebec Science (Sillery, PQ)
  168. riot in your mind (one inc., Montreal, PQ)
  169. Rits Magazine (UBC, Ritsumeikan Academic Exchange Program, Vancouver, BC)
  170. Scientia Canadensis. Ottawa, ON: Canadian Science and Technology History Association. ISSN 0829-2507. Established in 1976 as a newsletter for researchers in the field of historical research into Canadian science and technology, the publication has been issued annually as a scholarly journal since 1981.
  171. Seminar: A Journal of Germanic Studies ISSN 0037-1939 (Canadian Association of University Teachers of German)
  172. SHALE: Journal of the Gabriola Historical and Museum Society (Gabriola Island, BC)
  173. SHIFT Online (SHIFT Magazine Inc., Toronto, ON)
  174. SODA Magazine (Victoria, BC)
  175. Southam Inc. Newspapers and Others (Don Mills, ON)
  176. StageWorks Journal (Canadian Institute for Theatre Technology)
  177. Sterling News Service
  178. Surfaces
  179. Swiftsure Weekly (Beach Holme Publishing, Victoria, BC)
  180. Synapse (Science Council of British Columbia)
  181. Technology in Government (Plesman Publications Ltd.)
  182. Texte (Distributed by University of Toronto Press)
  183. Theory and Applications of Categories (ISSN 1201 - 561X)
  184. thirdspace (Vancouver, BC) is an electronic feminist journal presenting the work of emerging scholars.
  185. Time-Warner's Pathfinder (Time Inc. New Media)
  186. Tocqueville Review ISSN 0730-479X (Toqueville Society)
  187. Truthnet E-zine (ISSN 1209-1693, Truthnet Publishing)
  188. The Tyee: A Feisty One Online News and Views for B.C.. Edited and published by David Beers, Vancouver, BC, beginning on November 17, 2003.
  189. Ultimate Reality and Meaning: Interdisciplinary Studies in the Philosophy of Understanding ISSN 0709-549 (Institute of URAM; distributed by University of Toronto Press, ON)
  190. University of Toronto Law Journal ISSN 0042-0220 (University of Toronto Press, ON)
  191. University of Toronto Quarterly: A Canadian Journal of the Humanities ISSN 0042-0247 (University of Toronto Press, ON)
  192. Vancouver Computes!
  193. Vancouver Echo (Vancouver, BC)
  194. Vancouver Sun (Vancouver, BC)
  195. Vancouver Village: Web version of Vancouver Magazine (Vancouver, BC)
  196. Victoria Homes Magazine (Victoria, BC)
  197. Victorian Periodcials Review ISSN 0709-4698 (University of Toronto Press, ON, and Research Society for Victorian Periodicals)
  198. Virtual Press (Nanaimo, BC)
  199. WaveLength (Wave-Length Communications Inc., Gabriola Island, BC)
  200. West Coast Families (Vancouver, BC)
  201. Ziff-Davis Publishing's ZD Net (Ziff-Davis Publishing Co., New York, NY)

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  1. NorthWords: The Journal of Canadian Content in Speculative Fiction

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