Research Protecting Native Habitat: IeInc.

IeInc. statement of intention and description of enterprise.

#52-650 Terminal
Nanaimo, BC
V9S 5E2

16 Ja 2000

Thank you for your interest in Island EnviroMint Inc. (IeInc.).

IeInc. aims to put the value and significance of our native species and their habitats in perspective.

Our intention is protection of the wild environment by selling it to the people. We will use the power of economics to make ecologically damaging behaviors unprofitable; once we have enabled others to access previously overlooked profits perceptions will change.

IeInc. is involved in:

IeInc. is involved.

We are currently in the R&D stage of our growth. Soon we will be cooperating with more suppliers and customers. Thank you for your attention.


Bjørn Larsen,

Donna Foley.

"Demand seed-raised or nursery propagated native plants. Discourage wild-digging." (1)

(1) Wilf Nicholls, UBC Botanical Garden, Vancouver.

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