Raoul Wuethrich and Child Sex "Therapy"
From: Erik Moeller
Redirected by Bernard Bel
November 1999

I am currently working for a German TV magazine on the background of the story of Raoul Wuethrich, an 11-year-old Swiss-American child from Golden, Colorado, who was put into prison for several weeks and is now, according to the prosecutor, supposed to go into "therapy" for "molesting" his 5-year-old sister (a neighbour allegedly watched how he touched his half-sister's vagina, he claimed he only wanted to help her peeing). [The] story occupied German and Swiss media for weeks (especially the tabloids) who screamed for Raoul's release and insisted on how normal it was what Raoul was doing. This is a great opportunity to make the public aware of the normality of child sexuality, which is not even generally accepted in Europe as the result of the sexual abuse hysteria of the last two decades.

From my investigations so far, I learned about how sexually "deviant" children are treated in the US.
For example, homosexual boys are sent into therapy by their parents where they must look at pictures of nude males and if they are sexually aroused (measured by a "penile plesthysmograph", a ring around the penis that measures the erection), they receive electric shocks. "Children who molest other children", as one therapist put it, receive similar treatment with ammonia. These are children who explore their natural sexuality together with their friends and siblings and are therefore abused in the most inhumane way.

I could need some help.
I need to find:
   -- young victims of child sex "therapy" who are willing to talk in front of the camera (gay/lesbian victims, children put into therapy for "playing doctor", female teenagers prosecuted for "rape" of younger friends etc.), especially contact to illegal "safe houses" where victims take shelter,
   -- pictures/films of the instruments used for therapy, for example, the "peter-meter" or the videos used in video aversion therapy,
   -- a view from the inside of a Residential Treatment Center.


Any names, phone numbers and/or e-mail addresses of suitable contact persons would be much appreciated.

Regards, Erik Moeller
Scientific Reviewer, Freelancer, Humanist
Berlin/Germany Phone: +49-30-45491008
Web: http://www.humanist.de/erik

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