Poem excerpted from: Birth Love

by Leilah McCracken

" I feel my breasts fill not with milk, but pure sensation-
  a heavysweet warmness begs for touch and thrills to soft caress-
  This is my pregnancy, this is my love-
  my love is my body, I long for embracing, I thrill to caress-
  and when the come comes it is rich, so full and enveloping-
  the squeeze goes on and on and on.....
  the orgasm of birth happens far before the birthing time;
  squeezing and enveloping and intoxicating with hormonal heaving and
  the sweetest sensation...
  My nipples thrill at even the touch of my shirt-
  hypersensitive; they are quick to erect and slow to slow down...
  a lick, a flick, and slip across the tip is pure shudder,
  pure lightness,
  pure sex in sweet breath.... touch me...."

No, it's not perfect, but you get the point.

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